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GDPR & UK-GDPR Compliance
Business Cyber Security
Staff Training
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All professional features plus...
Phishing Tests
Advanced Endpoint Protection
Cookie Consent Banner
EU & UK Representative
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All advanced features plus...
Dedicated Security Expert
Incident Response Testing
ISO 27001 Readiness
Bespoke Phishing Tests
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DPAs and SARs
Naq will automatically create lawyer verified DPAs and send them to all of your third parties. For those larger third parties, we will automatically store their DPAs in your own Naq environment.
Simplified Evidence Collection
Spend less time worrying about data collection and more time growing your business. Easily add and keep track of your devices and business tools for easy evidence collection.
GDPR Compliance Badge and Certificate
Easily demonstrate your business' GDPR compliance posture to vendors, partners and customers with Naq's compliance certification and website badge.
UK and EU GDPR Compliance
Automatic GDPR compliance achieved in less than 60 minutes. Lawyer verified documents which, when combined with our training and security actions, make your business 100% compliant.
Supply Chain Compliance
In addition to DPAs, Naq will assess your third parties security, ensuring any shared data is protected.
Cookie & Privacy Policies
Naq will both scan your website for any cookies that you use and automatically populate your cookie policy as well as populate your privacy policy with all of your third-party applications.
Outsourced Data Protection Officer
Expert support from your own dedicated Data Privacy Specialist. Your dedicated DPO will act as the point of contact for the relevant supervisory authority on all data privacy and compliance matters.
UK and EU GDPR Representative
Get a named representative across both the UK and the EU with a designated GDPR representative.
Cookie Consent Management & Banner
Meet the data consent and cookie tracking requirements outlined by the GDPR with a cookie consent management banner for your website.
View the level of security and compliance across your organisation in a single glance. Your dedicated Naq Score takes into account your company's security actions, training and data privacy policies to give you a truly comprehensive view of your cyber resilience.
Website Scanning
Naq will regularly scan your websites to tell you of any vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers, harming your reputation and even potentially leading to data loss.
Intelligent Security Actions
The Naq platform will take you through everything you need to do to protect your company from hackers, ransomware and phishing attacks with intelligent security actions and detailed video guides.
Dark Web Scanning & Monitoring
We'll monitor your company's email addresses, notifying you if they've been found on the dark web.
Asset & Account Tracking
Keep track of the accounts used by your organisation, who has access and at what level. Had an employee leave your business? Quickly revoke access and keep your business data secure.
Incident Response
No cyber security service can guarantee that you will be protected from all attacks. What Naq can guarantee is that we'll be there if an incident happens. Get expert guidance in the event of an attack from how to resolve the incident to who needs to be informed, getting you back up and running as soon as possible.
Real-Time Threat Protection
Intelligent Cloud-based threat protection across all your devices*. Get peace of mind knowing your company devices are protected against the latest emerging threats as soon as they're discovered.
Enhanced Ransomware Protection
Protect your business' highly-critical folders. Select the locations containing your most valuable data and we'll ensure they have added security against ransomware and unknown applications.
Online Browsing Protection
Protect your team from visiting unsecured websites or interacting with malicious advertisements. Our malicious website database is updated in real-time giving you continued protection.
Enhanced Security for Sensitive Sites
Additional, enhanced protection when logging into data-sensitive sites such as your CRM platform and online banking website. Automatically block connections to unknown sites and applications preventing potential trojans and data breaches.
Hardware Security
Secure your system from unsecured connected devices such as USB sticks, hard drives, and webcams.
Dedicated Security Officer
Your dedicated, named security officer who will work with you one-on-one to tackle ensure your security and privacy posture is robust as possible.
ISO27001 Readiness
Our ISO 27001 experts will guide you through becoming ISO 27001 compliant including the production of extra documentation, aiding with evidence collection and performing a virtual internal audit.
GDPR Compliance Training
Article 39 of the GDPR requires continuously training your staff on your business GDPR practices. Easily meet this requirement with our built in data compliance courses. Track, Assign and monitor your team's course completion.
Cyber Security Training
95% of cyber attacks start as a result of human error so ensuring your team is trained is critical. From recognising phishing attempts to malware and ransomware, our courses will ensure your team is your first line of defence.
Phishing Tests
Phishing attacks form the first step in 33% of all cyber attacks. Naq will regularly send your team phishing, reinforcing our phishing training courses.
Incident Response Testing
We'll regularly test your business' incident response plan and provide you with expert feedback, ensuring your team knows exactly what to do in the event of a real incident.
Bespoke Phishing Tests
Our cyber security experts will craft highly targetted phishing tests to truly test your team's resilience to email attacks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an onboarding fee?

There is no onboarding fee. If you sign up for 12 months, you do get a 30% discount on the total annual subscription.

Is there a discount on annual subscriptions?

If you sign up for 12 months, you will get a 10% discount on the total annual subscription. If you would like to sign up for more than 12 months, get in touch for an even bigger discount.

What is the cancellation period?

We have a cancellation period of one month.

Can I buy a subscription for one of my customers?

We have an active partner program. Check out our partner page.