Business security is essential. With Naq, it’s simple.

Naq delivers world-class cyber security that evolves with your business. Get dedicated actions and security alerts based on how your business operates and the areas most exposed to cyber criminals.

Security Actions

Vulnerability Scanning

Breach Monitoring

Phishing Tests

Rest easy with simple, powerful business security.

Naq scans your entire business ecosystem and provides you with relevant security actions,highlighting potential vulnerabilities and guiding you through exactly how to solve them.

What’s Your NaqScore?

View your business’s security readiness in a glance.
Your NaqScore updates alongside your company, increasing as you and your team complete your dedicated security actions. Implementing new systems or changing websites? Naq will scan these too, providing you with continuous security.

Phishing Tests

Protect your business against one of the most common forms of cyber attack.
Almost 30% of all cyber attacks begin with phishing emails. In addition to our cyber security training, your organisation will receive regular phishing tests, testing your employees’security readiness.

Breach Monitoring

Quickly keep track of compromised business email addresses.
Naq will continuously scan the dark web to determine whether your teams’ email addresses have been flagged as part of a data breach. If a business email address has been compromised, automatic security actions will prompt the relevant users to re-secure their credentials.

GDPR Compliance

Cyber Security


Incident Response

Learn from our compliance and cyber experts.

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