The only GDPR compliance
solution you’ll ever need

Achieve  GDPR compliance in minutes, secure your business data and train your employees through one single subscription.

Full GDPR Compliance

Lawyer Verified DPAs

GDPR Representative

Legal Reviews

Naq Compliance goes beyond simple GDPR templates.

Get GDPR policies tailored to your business, your customers and where you operate.
Achieve  compliance in minutes, with lawyer-verified EU & UK-GDPR policies. Our documentation updates in line with new regulations, keeping your business compliant as it changes and grows.

Expand into new markets
with dedicated UK & EU representatives

Achieve compliance in over 28 countries
Expand into new markets knowing Naq takes care of your compliance. Meet data processing regulations across with dedicated documentation and a UK and EU representative.

Data processing agreements

Get lawyer verified DPAs for all your third parties.
Working with a new supplier? We’ll provide you with the documentation necessary to ensure they handle your data responsibly, securing your entire service supply chain.

Account & data mapping

Naq will capture which users have access to which accounts across your organisation.
Someone leaving your organisation? Quickly revoke access to your company’s accounts, keeping your valuable data secure.

Learn from our compliance and cyber experts.

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