Take the complexity out of DCB 0129 Compliance

Our automated compliance platform, supported by experienced Clinical Safety Officers, ensures your solution adheres to the clinical safety standards required by the NHS and the wider healthcare sector.

Trusted by the NHS and hundreds of innovators


Automatically generate the policies, documents, actions, and evidence you’ll need to meet the DCB 0129 standard.


Managing numerous DCB 0129s for trusts and projects can be frustrating. Use Naq to generate DCB 0129s for all your clinical projects and customers.

Platform & Support

DCB 0129 compliance demands Clinical Safety Officer review. Access CSOs directly through Naq and streamline your DCB 0129 documentation process.

Beyond Clinical Safety

Manage your health solution's compliance with technical security, data protection, interoperability, quality, and risk management, all through one comprehensive platform.

DCB 0129 Compliance Simplified

Naq simplifies achieving the DCB0129 standard by centralising your clinical safety actions, training, policies, and documentation into one platform. Naq guides you through each step, from risk assessments to generating safety reports. Save over 200 hours annually and ensure continuous compliance with this crucial clinical safety standard.

Automation meets comprehensive clinical expertise

Beyond an automated compliance platform, Naq provides access to certified Clinical Safety Officers (CSOs). Our CSOs meet you where you are, reviewing your documentation directly within Naq. They’re available to oversee your clinical safety documentation, conduct risk management workshops, and more.

Streamline more than Clinical Safety

Automate your compliance across all necessary healthcare frameworks, from NHS DSPT and DTAC to global standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 13485, HIPAA, and SOC 2. Reduce overlap, save time and manage your entire compliance program in one place.

Everything you need to meet your clinical safety obligations

Automated Policies & Procedures
Guided Compliance Actions
Unlimited Clinical Safety Projects
Risk Assessment Guidance
Clinical Safety Support
Clinical Safety Officer*
Expert Compliance Support
Clinical Safety Case Report Guidance
Hazard Log Guidance
Complete NHS Compliance
GDPR & Cyber Essentials
NHS DSPT Compliance
NHS DTAC Compliance
ISO 27001 Compliance
ISO 13485 Compliance
Comprehensive Compliance Platform
Single-Glance Compliance Overview
Automate over 20 compliance frameworks
Company & User Level Dashboards
Over 300 Integrations
Join Hundreds Simplifying Their NHS Compliance

"Naq provided outstanding service to prepare us for and enable us to meet the complex cyber security regulatory requirements for the NHS. Their help with internal device security was invaluable in improving our security posture."

Edward Jack, IT Manager
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"Naq ensures that our business is compliant and our data stays secure. Their platform brings together all of our compliance policies into a single dashboard, making it easy to see where we stand, even as our business becomes more complex"

Hans V L
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"As well as the platform, their service continues to scale with our demands; they've even helped us tailor our compliance policies in line with the new markets where we want to operate."

Cagil S
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