Automate your compliance with the NHS Data Security & Protection Toolkit

Achieve NHS DSPT compliance quickly and efficiently with Naq. Our automated platform saves you time and money, simplifying the process and helping you secure NHS contracts faster.

Trusted by the NHS and hundreds of Innovators


Automatically generate the policies, documents, actions, and training you’ll need to meet compliance with the DSPT.


The DSPT changes every year. Naq automatically tracks changes to the toolkit and ensures you not only get compliant but stay compliant.

Platform & Support

For the things that can’t be automated, get expert support from our NHS compliance experts, ready to help you navigate tricky compliance requirements and due diligence requests.


From GDPR and Cyber Essentials to automated DPIAs and training, Naq has everything you need to exceed the DSPT toolkit requirements.

Fast-Track NHS DSPT & Save 140+ Hours of Work

Naq automatically generates the policies, documentation and training your organisation needs to meet the NHS DSPT standard, saving you hundreds of hours of work. Beyond getting you compliant, Naq’s platform keeps you that way, raising alerts if the Toolkit is updated or you fall out of compliance.

Automation Meets Comprehensive NHS Expertise

For the DSPT requirements we can’t automate, Naq delivers expert guidance and support from our NHS compliance experts. Say goodbye to hidden costs for a virtual DPO, training or steep consulting fees. Access Clinical Safety Officers, Penetration Tests and more through Naq.

Everything You Need to Meet Your NHS Supplier Requirements

From GDPR and DSPT to DTAC, ISO 13485, HIPAA, and beyond, Naq provides the most comprehensive healthcare compliance solution. Manage your information security, risk, quality, clinical safety, and all necessary healthcare frameworks within a single, automated platform.

Everything you need to meet NHS DSPT compliance

Automated Policies & Procedures
Guided Compliance Actions
Continuous Compliance Monitoring
Data Protection
UK GDPR Compliance
Automated Cookie & Privacy Policies
Automated Data Protection Impact Assessments
Automated Data Protection Agreements
Data Security
Cyber Essentials Certification
Incident & Vulnerability Management
Automated Risk Assessments
Penetration Testing*
Employee Training
Data Protection Training
Data Security Training
Company-Wide Training Management
Training Needs Analysis
Expert NHS Compliance Support
Virtual Data Protection Officer
Due Diligence Support
Independent DSPT Audit*
Comprehensive Compliance Platform
Single-Glance Compliance Overview
Automate over 20 compliance frameworks
Company & User Level Dashboards
Over 300 Integrations
Join Hundreds Simplifying Their NHS Compliance

“We wanted a system to ensure absolute clarity on what is needed to meet the DTAC. The support the NIA received from Naq was immeasurable; the Naq team were always responsive and willing to offer advice when needed. We would recommend Naq for any innovator looking to undertake the DTAC.”

Mindy Simon, Co-Director
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“Naq is a game-changer for startups in the digital health/med tech space, offering unparalleled value and peace of mind. Their user-friendly platform consolidates all our DSPT and DTAC compliance requirements, helping us achieve what would have cost us over £10,000 in legal fees for a fraction of the price.”

Alice Appleton, NHS Doctor & Co-Founder
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"Naq provided outstanding service to prepare us for and enable us to meet the complex cyber security regulatory requirements for the NHS. Their help with internal device security was invaluable in improving our security posture."

Edward Jack, IT Manager
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"We reviewed a variety of DSPT services and were becoming overwhelmed by the time commitments and costs quoted, which could have significantly impacted our small business. Then we stumbled upon Naq. Naq's DSPT automation capabilities revolutionised our compliance journey, saving us countless hours and consulting fees."

Grace Taggart, Commercial Director
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“Naq helped us complete our Cyber Essentials and DSPT toolkit applications, which we needed for us to continue growing our healthcare business. I already know next year’s DSPT Toolkit will be easy with Naq.”

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"I'm really impressed with the service I've received from Naq. Without their support, it would have been a nightmare to complete our NHS DSPT and Cyber Essentials applications."

Andy Hall, Chief Scientific Officer
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"Naq ensures that our business is compliant and our data stays secure. Their platform brings together all of our compliance policies into a single dashboard, making it easy to see where we stand, even as our business becomes more complex"

Hans V L
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“Naq's platform made the complex journey of achieving NHS DSPT compliance remarkably straightforward. Their team of experts were always responsive and went above and beyond to address our queries and concerns. Highly recommended.”

Dr Ali Alhakim, Co-Founder
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"As well as the platform, their service continues to scale with our demands; they've even helped us tailor our compliance policies in line with the new markets where we want to operate."

Cagil S
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