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Bake security & compliance into your company culture

Meet the training requirements mandated by your compliance frameworks and equip your staff with the skills needed to handle data securely, safeguarding both your business and its reputation.

Trusted by hundreds of leading organisations and innovators

Meet your compliance requirements

Frameworks and standards such as GDPR, NHS DSPT, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and SOC 2 require training on safe, legal, and secure data handling practices. Naq seamlessly integrates this crucial training directly into the platform, enabling you track, manage and scale your training requirements across your organisation.

Seamlessly assign, manage & track training

Oversee training completion across your entire organisation and demonstrate your dedication to data security and compliance to customers and partners. With Naq, you can monitor each team member's and department’s training progress, providing clear visibility over any compliance or training gaps.

Keep everyone accountable

Each Naq user benefits from a personal dashboard that displays their assigned policies, actions, and training, along with a Naq score that gauges their compliance adherence. Motivate users to improve their scores and contribute to a strong security posture.

Streamline training across multiple frameworks

Training needs for standards like GDPR, ISO 27001, DTAC, and HIPAA often overlap. Naq allows you to address multiple training requirements at once, saving you time and simplifying your compliance efforts.

Automate Compliance With Multiple Frameworks

Everything you need to meet your compliance obligations

Automated Compliance
Automated Policies & Procedures
Automated Evidence Collection
Guided Compliance Actions
QMS, ISMS & Clinical Risk Functionality
Compliance & Security Training
Dedicated User Dashboards
Company-Wide Training Management
Recurring Compliance Training
Cyber Security Training
Streamlined Risk Management
Automated Risk Assessments
Third-Party Risk Management
Corrective Actions Register
Risk Management Dashboard
Maintain Continuous Compliance
Continuous Control Monitoring
Dynamic Compliance Policies
Recurring Compliance Training
Vendor & Asset Management
Vendor Management Dashboard
Automated Data Protection Agreements
Comprehensive Asset Registry
Access Control Monitoring
Dedicated Account Manager
Access to Compliance Experts
Access To Naq Compliance Library
Comprehensive Compliance Platform
Single-Glance Compliance Overview
Automate over 20 compliance frameworks
Company & User Level Dashboards
Over 300 Integrations

“We have been compliant with DTAC assessment for some time, but maintaining and demonstrating our credentials in the past has been onerous. The Naq platform makes the whole process remarkably seamless to complete, offering intuitive means to easily share our compliance status”

Dr Taz Aldawoud, Founder & CEO
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“We wanted a system to ensure absolute clarity on what is needed to meet the DTAC. The support the NIA received from Naq was immeasurable; the Naq team were always responsive and willing to offer advice when needed. We would recommend Naq for any innovator looking to undertake the DTAC.”

Mindy Simon, Co-Director
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“Naq is a game-changer for startups in the digital health/med tech space, offering unparalleled value and peace of mind. Their user-friendly platform consolidates all our DSPT and DTAC compliance requirements, helping us achieve what would have cost us over £10,000 in legal fees for a fraction of the price.”

Alice Appleton, NHS Doctor & Co-Founder
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"The Naq team are not only cyber and GDPR specialists but specifically know and understand DTAC. Through the platform and with the support of the team, we have met our NHS compliance requirements at less than half the cost of alternative routes. This has meant we haven’t compromised our product build or finances."

James Burch, Co-Founder
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"Naq takes the hassle out of meeting our GDPR compliance and cybersecurity requirements. An all-round excellent service"

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"Naq provided outstanding service to prepare us for and enable us to meet the complex cyber security regulatory requirements for the NHS. Their help with internal device security was invaluable in improving our security posture."

Edward Jack, IT Manager
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"Since we engaged with Naq to help manage all of our cyber security and GDPR needs, they have been nothing short of brilliant."

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"We reviewed a variety of DSPT services and were becoming overwhelmed by the time commitments and costs quoted, which could have significantly impacted our small business. Then we stumbled upon Naq. Naq's DSPT automation capabilities revolutionised our compliance journey, saving us countless hours and consulting fees."

Grace Taggart, Commercial Director
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“Naq helped us complete our Cyber Essentials and DSPT toolkit applications, which we needed for us to continue growing our healthcare business. I already know next year’s DSPT Toolkit will be easy with Naq.”

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"I'm really impressed with the service I've received from Naq. Without their support, it would have been a nightmare to complete our NHS DSPT and Cyber Essentials applications."

Andy Hall, Chief Scientific Officer
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"Naq ensures that our business is compliant and our data stays secure. Their platform brings together all of our compliance policies into a single dashboard, making it easy to see where we stand, even as our business becomes more complex"

Hans V L
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"As a small business, data compliance and cybersecurity can feel overwhelming. Naq has combined all the processes and policies that we need in to one easy-to-use platform"

Luciana A
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“Naq's platform made the complex journey of achieving NHS DSPT compliance remarkably straightforward. Their team of experts were always responsive and went above and beyond to address our queries and concerns. Highly recommended.”

Dr Ali Alhakim, Co-Founder
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"As well as the platform, their service continues to scale with our demands; they've even helped us tailor our compliance policies in line with the new markets where we want to operate."

Cagil S
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"Naq has been instrumental in achieving compliance and security, obtaining ISO 27001 certification and shortening our sales cycle by easily demonstrating our compliance to enterprise customers."

Arnold Bouwman
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